Young Family full design - Hill Park Circle
After having discussed their three page “want and wish list,” I got busy with this design challenge. Small house, small budget, and big dreams. I suggested we make the underutilized large kitchen smaller. It’s not about cooking for this family but about entertaining, storage, comfort and kid proof. By doing this I was able to divide the kitchen space into 2 sections , a small galley kitchen, offset with a pair of French pocket doors to house a guest / office / quite time room. I did not forget about storage. In the dining room I created a large back bar for extra storage of the everyday & formal dishes, a large pantry space, well organized with pull-outs, and even an electrical outlet for the small appliances in order to keep the kitchen counters clean and cluttered free. I continued the back bar with a side bar dividing the dining and family room in to 2 spaces yet keeping the feel of the open concept. The custom made units are made of the same material as the kitchen but designed in such a way as to not make it look like a kitchen yet have a continuous flow through out. They also act as storage for every type of use in the home for adult use and kids toys. This space can easily be transformed from a kids play area to an adult family entertaining space. The existing stair case was closed in, making this home look even smaller than it was. I wanted to open it up and class it up with wrought iron posts and wood banister. This stair case is the real architectural element to this home as it leads us to the 2ed floor and another floor leading to the roof top. All the furniture and accessories had to be kid proof, fun and not fussy. All the furniture had to serve as double duty, “large coffee table for game night, storage and destruction proof, an over-sized sectional with a hid-a-bed and so on…” Although the kitchen is small, we have maximized the storage space, d-cluttered the counters and organized every possible cabinet. By keeping the color pallet light and fresh, This small kitchen has a big bang. Off the kitchen I was able to create a small but very practical office / study / guest room, by using small size double duty furniture, this 10’x 10’ room has all the amenities this young couple needs and adds value to the home with its 3+1 bedroom. On the 2ed level there are 3 rooms; an over-sized master bedroom and 2 kids rooms. Even the kids got involved with their color themes. Kerensa, the eldest girl, wanted green and orange and Tristan, a vibrant, full of energy 5 year old, wanted blue. Again the design challenge of fitting everything into these rooms from the wish list was almost near impossible. Double duty Furniture, and layout was important, storage a must and homework space a necessary element for the future to give Mom a break. Finally this leads us to the master bedroom. This young couple needs adult time, a space that they can retreat in from their very busy lives, a place they can be grown up in. Funny how this house was laid out; all the rooms are small but the master was more like a dance floor. I decided to add an island wall, dividing the space so that they could have the look and feel of a walk in leading them to on suite bathroom and using the opposite side the wall to house yet another dresser and TV. The bay window was the perfect space to add 2 very yellow swivel chairs to sit and relax and enjoy the peaceful view. Centering the bed with 2 small dressers instead of night tables not only gives more storage, but more surface as well as makes the space appear larger than it is. I wanted this room to be relaxing but cheerful as well, hence the yellow, It is like bringing the outdoor nature in to the room and blending it to perfection. I have been told many times that I listen and I think this is one of my key success elements. But truly it’s getting to know and grow with families such as the ones residing at Hill Park Circle. Clients as such is what makes my job my passion.