New Born Love
After picking out a baby's name, Designing your bundle of joy's room is your next most important decision. But with all the possibilities out there from modern, classical, nautical, unisex, animals—decorating a pint-sized person's room can feel hugely overwhelming. TOC design to the rescue! Your inspirational baby room one stop shop. From metallic hues to Western-inspired accents to modern floral prints, this year's trends mean baby's room may just be the most stylish room in the house. the key to beginning the design process is to focus on one aspect of the space, so you don't get buried in ideas and projects. "We recommend focusing on a single trend and letting it take the lead rather than several, which will overpower the space and end up looking cluttered. Anything that can help you visualize the nursery in advance is a great way to take some risks before really going for it! but still using the trend you love: "There is usually a way to achieve a trend without too much expense. For example, with this paintable wall paper found at homedepot, you can create a soft texture even hide defects on wall, or print out a quote on your home printer and frame it for instant inspirational art prints." Keep in mind your baby will grow faster than you can keep up with the trends, so whatever you do keep it simple. Or call TOC design and we will guide you in the right direction.